Thursday, February 18, 2010

American Idol 2010 ~ Top 24

Disclaimer: I am not American Idol’s target audience; I can’t recall any of the AI winners (except Kelly Clarkson and maybe not-Adam Lambert, I don’t listen to any graduates of the American Idol competition (okay, maybe some Kelly Clarkson but only post-hissy), and I wouldn’t call in to vote even if I could. So I’m not sure why I feel compelled to offer my commentary on this week’s AI, but I do, and I did, so here it is.

So, what did you think of American Idol’s Top 24? In this corner, the boys: I’m partial to Tyler Grady, maybe not the best vocals but I just love his energy and his wicked awesome moves. I knew he was going to be Top 24 when I saw his audition. And while I agree with the old adage, that neck tattoos are indicative of a person’s ability to make rational decisions, I just love Andrew Garcia’s vibe too.

I’m really conflicted about “Big Mike”. On the one hand, he’s about the only person I would allow to sing “I’m Yours” whose name is not Jason Mraz. But my inner momma bear calls bullshit on not being present at your first child’s birth. Even as I try to reason with said inner voice, momma bear is ready to take him down. Also, I naturally distrust people with muscles bigger than my head. I'm not even going to talk about the douchey hat.

Dear Todrick: Please take out those creepy-ass contact lenses and leave them in the 2000s (and that’s a grace period, because they really went out in the 90s). There’s something wanky about him, too. No likey. But thank you for *not* singing “Man in the Mirror”. Love, me.

Casey James = a messy Ace Young. (also, apparently a porn star. Google Image search it yourself.) Long blonde hair isn’t usually my thing, but come on: he’s yummy. But please don’t sing Bubbly. Ever again. Actually, I’m going to recommend that for everyone, everywhere in the world. Stop singing it. Seriously!

Since the rest of the boys are a blur of Efron hair and gangly arms to me, I’m going to predict that one of them will capture tweenaged America’s hearts and win the entire thing.

Over here, we’ve got the girls: So, I really want to make this a world where we don’t talk about people’s appearances…but how can we not talk about Crystal Bowersox’s teeth. Girl, please slap on some Whitestrips and ease up on the coffee, cigs, or whatever’s causing that mess…cause it’s really distracting. But please don’t get a shiny makeover, because I dig the laid-back thing.

Can we talk about the Tori vs. Hailey thing? I loved the bit they showed where Tori was giving that tired piece of shit Katy Perry song the ska treatment. And I’m pretty sure that way back when Ellen said “she could get annoying”, she was definitely talking about Hailey, because as adorable as she may be, she did. Real quick.

Granted, I missed the last hour of the Tuesday show, but there were two chicks that I had NEVER seen before Wednesday’s show. I suppose they did not have a story that was exciting enough to share, but they even showcased Lilly’s sandwich artist career. How boring do you have to be to not get even 60 seconds of camera time, when they re-hash the same shizz over and over again and even feature Mary Powers for like, an entire episode. (“You’re punk rock!” ~ Avril “No. She’s not.”~ Punk Rock)

And we’re back to the all-boy/all-girl format. Looking forward to the cringe-worthy all-boy numbers. Let the cheese roll!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Been meaning to be more aware of the wonderful things in life for a long time now. Committing to capturing it on a regular basis, I'm hoping, will lead me to seek out the good things in every moment.

I haven't been quite feeling myself lately, and it has caught up with me a little. I have many things to be thankful for today, most especially a better outlook after a long talk with a good friend.

But an honourable mention definitely goes to the fact that my white t-shirt came completely clean after the coffee mishap. I actually whooped with joy when I pulled it out of the washing machine! Holla, generic oxygen cleaner!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


True this article from on the most annoying facebookers.

I have a FB friend (a "lurker"?) who "has no time for Facebook", yet is consistently up-to-date on my life via FB updates. I was somewhat creeped out at first, but seeing as that I *am* a daily FB user and truthfully, use it to organize my life (especially over the past few months as events, contacts and emails sync up through my BB which syncs up my Google calendar, yippee), I put it all out there. So I can't complain when someone sympathizes that I still don't have a fridge. It just surprises me. And somewhat irritates me. I thought they had no time for FB? But my life *is* innately fascinating, so I can't hate on their fixation with my status updates.

Deeper into the group is more TMI than new moms. While of course you'd share a child's fever, worrisome illness symptoms, or potty successes (no details, please!), I don't really need to know about the contents of poop or the colour and composition of nasal discharge. I try to show the kids the respect of not mentioning their blueberry bums or constant crotch grabbing. (whoops.) Stuff on the internet can be permanent. And so many of my FB friends are guilty of this: naked baby/toddler/child pics! That shit is adorable, but there are creeps, oh so many creeps...

I also have a friend (maybe not much longer though?) who posts a monthly ("is not pregnant :(" ) post, along with lots of comments on my own child-related posts & pictures that just make me feel guilty ("I would trade sleep for a baby ANYTIME!") I'm all for wearing your heart on your sleeve but ... sigh.

I've also hid a few of the peeps whose status updates are a little over-the-top happy. Usually accompanied by excessive exclamation points. Maybe I'm just a cynic but when I read some of them, it makes me think: who are you trying to convince? ("had a great day with my hubby!!!! he is the best and such a wonderful life partner!!!! i am truly the luckiest person on the planet!!!!!") I'm all for shout-outs of love and respect and appreciating what we have, but some of you belong over at STFU, Marrieds.

On the other hand, those who are passive aggressively hashing it out via status update need some counselling. ("is cleaning up AGAIN while HE sits on the couch watching FOOTBALL.") Okay, that may have been an imaginary status update from my head. But if I add an "LOL!" or a "Men!! :)" it's not bitchy. Right?

Lastly, my favourite TMIs are the somewhere-out-there way back peeps I was barely friends with, at some point accepted their FB requests, who seem to still be rocking some *major* drama. My profile's restricted to those I barely know, because some of them are apparently batshit crazy, and to answer B's question of "why even be FB friends?", I present the following *actual* updates (censoring courtesy of me) so fun, especially coupled with the staggering amount of grammatically sketchy comments:

"why do i put myself through this? why cant i just accept that some people will continully disappoint me? U KNOW WHO U ARE" (too many of this ilk to list, from about 3 of my FB friends)

"from the pits of despair i rise up and say f**** you to all you HATERS!! oh not i, i will survive cos as long as i know how to love i know i will survive" (powerful.)

"finally HE IS GETTING A DIVORCE!!" (he didn't.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vancouver Sun Run (1:11)

I've always felt that I take up too much room, just in general. I'm always the one to apologize when elbow bump, or to move out of the way on a crowded sidewalk. Being pregnant for half of the last five years gave me a brief reprieve (after all, it's not *me* in the way it's MY BABY!), but as I've struggled to lose the weight it's been a challenge for me to own my personal space. I'm glad just to be here. (Can you see around me? OK.)

So crowds have never really been my scene. Which is why I was not planning to actually run the Sun Run when I signed up for the training. I see the cover of the Sun every year and I get nauseated. But I got swept along in the excitement and camaraderie plus you know I can't stand to be left out of *anything*. On our training runs I didn't have any major difficulties running 40 minutes straight, just shuffling along one foot in front of the other. So I figured I may actually see something through to completion, something that doesn't happen very often lately (or really, ever in my life).

Starting off was probably the worst part. Downtown during the day has become somewhat unrecognizable to me, so I felt a little lost and claustrophobic as we moved along like cattle waiting to begin. I felt a little hemmed in by the big crowd. My girls started off at a pace that was too fast for me so I hung back and they were immediately swallowed up by the crowd. About 10 minutes in I decided to discard a layer and it proved more complicated than I thought, weaving around headphones and outer vest...I slowed to dead stop and had trouble regaining any momentum.

Running through two protestor demonstrations brought me some negative energy and I had a hard time finding my stride and pace. I seriously considered quitting at that mark, feeling that I had already failed being so far behind...but then I thought about how long it would take me to walk 6K and I got my run on. About a km later I saw an orange shirt that was actually FC, and a perfect pace song came on - and I felt connected again, and could run on the steady slow beat of the song. I tried to focus on keeping my heart rate in the 170s so that I wouldn't have to walk.

So the last of the run was good until someone jumped over a barricade and nearly went face-first into the pavement in front of me. I instinctively recoiled and pulled something in my neck. In the final stretch I didn't see any of the km markers, so it wasn't until I crossed the finish line that I realized that we were done. I swam along with the crowds until I realized I had no idea where anyone was, which resulted in a number of confused texts and phone calls between me and my girls.

I was still disappointed in myself for what I considered failing. Not that my time was slow or that I walked so much, but more that I didn't get the runner's high or the excitement and energy. I kind of felt like an imposter. I hate running, but I thought somehow I would fall under the magical spell of the love of running, or that I really would "feed off the energy of the crowd". Mostly I just felt in the way of the real runners.

So I'm not sure if I'll ever feel like a "real" runner, or if I'll ever do another 10k, but the 736 calories I burned is enough motivation to keep me going. Along with my super-supportive friends, of course. Without them I would have quit around week 5 and never seen that finish line that I didn't even see!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marshall hates it!

Took the boys swimming last night. Benson can now fully put his head underwater sans goggles.  Marshall was so not into it.  He loves to splash in the bath but the pool...not dealing.   Not a toothy grin to be found all night, even in the face of other babies and "hi baby!"s. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pineapple = baby crack

Marshall will eat an entire can of pineapple tidbits. Not so much on fresh pineapple, though.